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Dr. Jane Bluestein, author of Parents, Teens and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line (USA)

Healthy relationships start with a healthy sense of self, including the sense of deservingness and worth that allows us to take care of ourselves in those relationships. Sometimes, self-care means saying no— a skill every two-year-old has down pat, until we "socialize" this skill out of them. In No Problem: The Upside of Saying No, Liesel Teversham clearly shares the all-too-common reasons so many of us have learned abdicate our own needs, the ways we learn to silence our voice, and the cost of saying "yes," even when the best answer would clearly be a solid, considerate "no." 

With a compassionate and comprehensive approach to this behavior pattern, Ms. Teversham offers a set of clearly-explained techniques for understanding and "unlearning" some of the early lessons that can make it hard to say no. You'll also find positive, respectful strategies for developing new behaviors, along with the confidence and assurance to use them.

No Problem will give you healthy, respectful alternatives that allow you to recognize and appreciate your needs, take care of yourself, and find a win-win balance between the seemingly nonstop demands of life (and other people) and the limits of your time, energy, and goodwill. If you've ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted, or resentful because you felt that saying no simply wasn't an option, this book is a game-changer. 


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Ann Ross, Founding EFT Master, AAMET EFT Trainer (UK)

If you are looking for a comprehensive self help guide to fulfilling your true potential and coming Home to who YOU really are, this book may be the best seller for you this year!

Liesel coaches you through every step of the way, in a congruent, loving, non judgemental invitation to be honest with yourself.  I loved the clear examples and stories as she guides you to be true to yourself.  It is thought provoking.  Her research is clear, the tapping scripts are true and innovative.

Being true to yourself creates a life of ease and well being without a doubt.

I believe "NO problem.  The Upside of saying NO" is a valuable contribution for heart based EFT in the world!



Rehana Webster (BsC), EFT Founding Master, NLP Master (New Zealand)

If you are looking to make changes in yourself, here is a great book which will help you.  Liesel Teversham shares a personal journey through old childhood patterns and how to create better responses using Emotional Freedom Techniques. It all started when some one asked her a simple question and it was the waking point in her journey towards wholeness.

"No Problem" has been written with the goal of helping people to change past patterns by recognizing them and moving beyond them. EFT  is the self help tool Liesel has chosen. She has skillfully woven the teachings of Byron Katie, along with the use of the Enneagram and inner child work to write this book. 

The book includes many studies which may help others to relate and take on the challenge to work on themselves. Valuable questions and scripts are included in each chapter to facilitate the journey for the readers if they should desire to take the journey.

AAMET Trainer & Mentor
New Zealand


Pamela Bruner, Business Coach and EFT Expert (USA)

In 'NO Problem. The Upside of Saying No' Liesel Teversham has created a clear, step-by-step guide to overcoming a main cause of overwhelm and upset. Pulling on many different proven teachings and technologies, she combines ideas in a refreshing and practical way. You CAN start saying no with confidence, authority, and best of all - no guilt! This book will show you how.



Berdine Beckett, Conscioussness Coach, Trainer (South Africa)

Insightful, practical, empowering!

As a coach and self-development trainer, I never thought that I had a problem with saying no until I read Liesel’s book.  I was stunned to see that many of my  feelings of disempowerment stemmed from interactions with clients, colleagues and friends where I just could not say no.  My behaviour of saying yes to everyone but myself was unconscious and this book has helped me tremendously to shed some light on the limiting beliefs I have in place that still drove my behaviour to not seek out win-win solutions. 

Since working through this book I was able to remove myself from a potentially draining business situation and re-negotiate a deal with greater benefits to me and my company which left me at peace and inspired.  I also realised that when we learn to say no to others, what we are actually doing is saying YES to ourselves.  So, even if saying no is no problem for you, when last have you said YES to you? 

I will recommend this book to all my clients and anyone feeling disempowered in any way as it could stem from not taking a stand for yourself in some area of your life.  I found Liesel’s work to be very detailed, thoroughly covering all the aspects of saying no and very insightful.  She follows the theory with practical steps and suggestions to integrate and implement new ways of doing things which will leave you feeling in control, empowered and inspired.  Not just a great read, but a great toolbox to follow in dealing with the ‘no problem’ in any given situation. 


Debbie Craig, Author of I Am Alive!, Trainer in Personal and Leadership Empowerment (South Africa)

This book arrived in my inbox just as I was becoming aware of my “too full”, “too busy” life that wasn’t leaving time for me and the things I really wanted to do (like reading and reviewing a book) .  I eventually got to reading the book over a holiday weekend, and immediately got absorbed with the sound foundations, practical steps and accessible stories that were directly relevant to my current “not enough time” dilemma.  

Not only is the book very practical with categories, checklists, reflection exercises and EFT releasing techniques, but contains user-friendly summaries of many great teachers of personal development. Liesel has a knack of helping you identify and clarify your beliefs that may be limiting your choices and happiness in a non-threatening and refreshingly honest way and offers many suggestions and techniques to make real and lasting change.

I highly recommend this book to anyone feeling too busy, overwhelmed, overloaded, stressed, too responsible or just struggling with saying NO in the right way to the right things at the right time.



Comments from Readers:

"I am loving your book, even though I have always been able to say no! You have a magnetic way of writing, really! There is so much material I can use with my clients. It's actually very inspiring..... so well written, and so honest." Sue Goutier, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you for your book. resonates so much with this "people pleaser" who says yes for all the wrong reasons! I am beginning to say no, even though others don't seem to like it much....!!!!!" Sue Schoening, Germany

"This is such a needed book. In today’s busy world we cannot afford to take on too many things. In order to have time for the things that matter to us, and to keep ourselves healthy, we have to be able to say no to the things that don’t support us. There are many places to learn all the logical reasons to do this, but actually doing it is a different matter. You, Liesel, give the reader an effective and easy to use tool that makes saying ‘No’ possible for everyone. Congratulations." Alison Gitelson, Founder CanBeeDone, Johannesburg, South Africa

"This is a very interesting book by Liesel Teversham. I am usually very fussy with self help books and I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of this well written Book. It is full of wisdom to apply in daily life and has lots of practical examples to overcome our fears of saying No as well as using EFT. ( Emotional Freedom Techique ). I recommend this book as a valuable and insightful addition to your healing toolbox." M. Fordham, UK

"I downloaded the ebook, and it has been such an eye opener and so helpful. Very inspirational too! Definitely worth the read." Tasneem Bhikhoo, South Africa

"May I say again what a lovely book you have so authentically written Liesel! I enjoyed every page. What an inspiration you are!" Sue, South Africa

"I am enjoying your book immensely, working through it a chapter at a time! Lots on thought provoking sections and insights!" Coral Bell, South Africa

"I have just finished reading No Problem: The Upside of Saying No! by my talented neighbour/colleague/friend Liesel Teversham. Thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end and found a few more 'skeletons in my closet'.... how bottomless is this 'pit' of learning?" S, South Africa

"This is a very "user friendly" book. It is practical with very clear instructions on how to do everything. I now also understand some of the theory I always knew much better. It is so easy to read and so simplified that I sometimes thought: "Now why didn't I think of that?" Thank you for this easy read book, Liesel! It can easily change lives!" E. Coetzee, South Africa

"I found this to be a really easy & enjoyable read with many tools to help with every day problems stemming from our limiting beliefs. The personal way the book is written with many examples of Liesel's own challenges help to identify with the author & how it would relate to our own lives. I highly recommend the book to anyone searching for answers on how to say NO, at the same time being true to yourself." LM Ackermann, South Africa

"I found this to be a simple to use guide to using several very effective techniques. It's easy to read and easy to follow.
The author obviously knows her material well and at the same time has a personal touch that makes me feel that I'm being spoken to by a human being with flaws rather than by someone who's got it all worked out." Nina, South Africa

"Liesel’s heartfelt and authentically-written book is not only a tool for learning, but also entertaining and honest. Drawing from her own experiences, she uses many well-known and some often-forgotten simple and useful methods, not only to help define issues, but also how to deal with these little gremlins that we so easily and unintentionally sabotage ourselves with. Even though saying no is not a problem for every individual, at some stage we all find it difficult to draw healthy boundaries, even if our weak spot is merely one particular person. This book would therefore appeal to a broad audience and I would not only recommend it to teachers in the emotional/mind wellness arena as a useful reference tool, but also to anyone who has an interest in separating themselves from feeling disempowered through their inability to say no, or who simply doesn't know how to draw healthy boundaries." Sue G, South Africa

"Liesel covers the "no" problem extensively with a lot of useful tips and personal examples. I have recommended it! Great stuff." Heather Step, South Africa

"I am working/reading my way through this book, and can highly recommend it if you are ready to change your patterns and your life. The awarnesses and processes in it are creating phenomenal change in my life." Rebecca Gretz, Essense Coaches, USA

"Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring book." Pumla Ngwenya, Tanzania



“Choosing to live your life by your own choice is the greatest freedom you will ever have.” - Shad Helmstetter

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