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Day # 9 of the Virtual Book Tour for No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

Welcome to Day 9 of the Book Tour!

Gail White RockcropToday I'm privileged to introduce you to a new friend from White Rock, Canada! I met Gail Siler when we were both attending an author bootcamp, on opposites sides of the globe. Here she is by the White Rock itself!

Gail has a remarkable story and background - explore her blog and website for her wisdom. She's a messenger for feminine wisdom and employing the balance of both left and right brain. She says "If it weren't for butterflies, there wouldn't be change!"

 In today's article, I explore ideas around Emotional Wellness and how "saying no" relates to that.

Have you ever thought about Emotional Wellness and what it's really about? I asked a few Facebook friends and received some really interesting answers! There follows a regular definition and some expert opinions about it. Would you believe that one of the signs of Emotional Wellness is being able to say no without guilt? There are also a few action steps in the article to help in this area of your life.

Explore with us - and let us know what you thought!

Visit this link for the full book tour and other articles and audio interviews on self-love and self-care

A bit about Gail Siler

butterfly promise gailnbook

Dr Siler knows about change from the inside out and has spent all of her career helping people create positive change in their lives.

Gail, a social scientist, serves as an international consultant with the World Health Organization and to several governments. Currently she counsels individuals on personal change and creates innovative programs and workshops on high level wellness and personal energy management.

Dr Siler is a trained metaphysician and has worked with many shamans and spiritual teachers. Her journey is described in her recent book, Decoding the Butterfly Promise, available on Amazon.

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