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Day # 8 of the Virtual Book Tour for No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

Welcome to Day 8 of the Book Tour!

Alison GitelsonToday I'm so excited to visit the blog of a long-standing friend and colleague, Alison Gitelson - right here in Joburg, South Africa! Alison and I met on a Quantum-Touch course I presented in 2006. We've stayed in contact and strengthened our relationship.

It's interesting how we seem to be complete opposites in some areas. Alison has absolutely "no problem" setting boundaries and being clear on what she is willing to give and receive. I find that harder to do and I've learnt a lot from Alison over the years.

Alison is an integral part of my book journey. I used to be totally overwhelmed most of the time, with too much on my plate and never getting it all done. I attended a workshop she presented with the magnetic title of "Get off the Treadmill". After this workshop, she phoned me and mentioned that some of the other participants said they figured out their problem was not so much managing their time, but how to say "no" to all the requests coming in daily.

Aha! Big light bulb for me - I suddenly realised that was a huge component to my own overwhelm as well. We created and presented a workshop together called "Help! I'm a Yes-Addict". Alison presented the practical, life-changing parts while I introduced EFT to get participants past the fear and trepidation to say "no".

A few months later, I started writing the book - and the rest is history!

Alison and I had a wonderful conversation about saying "no" in the work and corporate environment. It's an easy listen (around 30 minutes) with wonderful practical tips on "How to set boundaries at Work" from Alison's expertise and experience.

Listen in and let us know what you thought!

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A Bit about Alison Gitelson

CanBeeDoneLogo1Alison combines her extensive, practical, business background with a deep understanding of human behaviour. This rare combination allows her to blend human needs with business needs. She says “When senior managers get it ‘right’ it filters all the way down. Every staff member then has the opportunity to bring the best of themselves to the workplace and to enjoy their hours at work, whilst collaborating to create a productive, profitable environment resulting in a healthy economy for all.”

In 2005 Alison realised that her success as a Leader-manager could be used to bring about a change in the quality of Leader-management throughout South Africa. And CanBeeDone was born.

Alison hates to see time, effort and resources being wasted. In most companies employees are giving only a portion of themselves to their work. When they give more they feel much happier, and more satisfied, and the company benefits greatly. The key to unlocking this capacity is the managers.

Alison makes the art of effective Leader-management simple, practical and easy to implement. She enables Leader-managers to build on their strengths, adding key tools and skills, and increasing their insight, to bring about real changes in their behaviour, and that of their direct reports and teams: changes that increase productivity, quality and profitability.

 For more about Alison's work, visit

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