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Day # 7 of the Virtual Book Tour for No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

Welcome to Day 7 of the Book Tour!

Cathryn TaylorToday I have the huge privilege of speaking with an expert in Inner Child Work and EFT, Cathryn Taylor. Cathryn is the author of "The Inner Child Workbook: What to do with your past when it just won't go away."

Cathryn does amazing EFT work and has been working with the Inner Child for many years. She has been presenting a variety of Blogtalkradio Shows over many years.

In of January, I listened to one of her Radioshow episodes as she was talking about "What to do when you're not inspired". She talked around many points that I also touch on in "No Problem"!

Join in our conversation on Cathryn's Blogtalkradio Show. We'll touch on the need to say "no" to someone else when we are not inspired to do what we said we would. Forcing ourselves never works, right? Join us in doing EFT tapping for the guilt, shame, fear and other emotions that may arise as we say "no" or want to change our minds about a previous commitment.

Listen in to our wonderful conversation, and tap along with us!

We'd love your comments and questions!


A bit about Cathryn Taylor


Cathryn Taylor's best-selling book The Inner Child Workbook: What To Do with your Past when it Just Won't Go Away is currently in it's 38th printing and has been translated into Spanish and Dutch.

Cathryn started her career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has since been trained in many different techniques and methods. Cathryn weaves these modalities with her expertise of the inner child work in a very dynamic and expansive way.  Her approach incorporates consultation and facilitation – assisting you in building the relationship between your Higher Self, your Adult self and the Children Within.

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