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Day # 11 of the Virtual Book Tour for No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

Welcome to Day 11 of the Virtual Book Tour!


Today, I have the honour of visiting with Karen Riordon Palmer, also known as "The Queen of Kindness". She does wonderful work with animals - and humans!

I met Karen while were both deeply entrenched in a book marketing Mastery Circle program of 3 months, and got the chance to do some deep work together.

Karen is also a "tapper" (or "EFT'er") and uses this stress-relief tool for her own clients and animals as well.

In todays' article, we take a look at one of the more challenging things in life: Change. Did you know know that change mostly happens in stages? And that there's a type of change that can lead to feelings of failure - and another type that can help you to enjoy the change?

Enjoy today's empowering article on "How to be Kind to Yourself - Make Change Easy!"

We welcome comments and questions!

Visit the full book tour schedule for other articles on self-care, emotional wellness and how to say no without the guilt!

A bit about Karen Palmer

PuppyLoveKaren Palmer is affectionately known as the “Queen of Kindness”. She is  following her inner calling to help women, children and animals end the suffering of abuse. She is a successful non-profit business leader, environmental educator, dog trainer, NLP  Practitioner, yoga instructor and Certified Reiki Master.

As a Law of Attraction Success Coach, Karen uses a mindful approach to create programs that help people live their dream life and inspire others. She is also a best-selling author, an online radio show host, and frequently shares the techniques she learned while working with others and the animals in her pet care business.  

She is dedicated to helping people and pets step into their greatness and believes that everyone has magic inside and enjoys empowering her clients. She is dedicated to making the world a better place.

Bill of Assertive Rights
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