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Day # 1 of the Virtual Book Tour for No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

A really warm welcome to the Virtual Book Tour Celebration
for my book
"No Problem. The Upside of Saying No"!


My book has been on the shelves and at online stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble for almost a year, and I simply can't believe how the time has flown. In celebration of almost a year that's gone by since it's release, I'm embarking on this fun journey around the world.

So what on earth is a Virtual Book Tour?

You know how authors go to book shops to do a talk and book signing? I did a few of those right after the book was published. Thing is - it requires traveling and being at a specific place, at a specific time - for both the author and the readers.

A virtual book tour is almost the same, except it's better! We'll "surf" our way to fun stops on the net, virtually. No travel, no traffic to contend with - and you can read or listen at your leisure, in pj's. No make-up required!

It's a really fun way to meet new people, find new places on the internet, introduce you, my readers, to wonderful resources, as well as introduce others to the message in my book.

We (that's me, and my book) will be visiting 14 places around the globe, over the period of a month. Follow us on this exciting journey to hear from wonderful, resourceful experts in the US, Canada and South Africa.

Some of my virtual stops will be blog posts, especially written for each tour host, and other stops are short, 30-45 minute audio interviews - easy to listen to. Each of my wonderful hosts are experts in their respective fields and I'm very proud, humbled and privileged to be able to visit with them, and introduce you to their work as well.

On a More Personal Note

The past year has been one of the most remarkable in my entire life (and I'm way past 40)! Writing the book was in itself an exhilirating experience, with many wonderful and heart-stopping moments.

After it was published, I realised (like most authors do) that books simply do not leap off the shelves into the willing arms of unsuspecting buyers! The next part of my journey is thus, to learn the intricacies of marketing - and getting the word out.

I wholeheartedly believe that my message of "Self-Care is critical" is one that needs to be heard far and wide. I grew up with the opposite message: "Take care of everyone first, and what's left (if anything) is for you." I had to learn through panic attacks, anxiety, depression and exhaustion (plus a good dose of resentment) that this is NOT a recipe for a happy life.

Therefore I'm passionate to share that if this has been your journey - take heart! Change is possible. It's possible to make different choices, to start living life in a way that also works for YOU, and not only for everyone around you.

I'd love to invite you on this exciting journey around the world. My hosts are wonderful people, you'll be warmly welcomed there - and if you feel so inspired, buy a copy of the book for yourself or someone who carries the weight of "saving the world" on their shoulders. "No Problem: The Upside of Saying No" provides authentic stories, information, practical tips and even a FREE ecourse to help you take action on all the new strategies.

Thank you for your presence here. You're warmly invited to visit the next stop in South Africa - Heather's Blog where she will Review "No Problem. The Upside of Saying No"!

View the full schedule for the Book Tour here.

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